RAMON LAGO is a well-known, respected artist and sculptor whose works have been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Mr. Lago was born in Cuba and brought to the United States of America at an early age. He lived in Pennsylvania for over twenty years and studied at the Newark School of Fine Arts, The Arts Students’ League and The National Academy of Design in New York City. He owned and operated a casting studio and taught at Cooper Union in New York City. A complete tabulation of all his awards, exhibitions, collections and monuments is very extensive. He has received many prestigious awards for his craft and creativity and earned wide recognition as a master sculptor for his extensive technical knowledge and expertise. Collections of his artwork and monuments are located throughout the Northeast, mainly New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and in the Southeast in Florida. Much of his work is privately collected by art connoisseurs throughout the United States, Canada and in Europe.
While his skills cover a wide variety of artistic media, sculpture has always been the primary form of his artistic expression. Besides creating serious and socially meaningful sculptures and monuments, Ramon’s great sense of humor and spirit of fun brings cheerful and whimsical elements into much of his art. His most recent collection of sculptures of older, portly men, many of which are presented here, has been an enthusiastic success wherever it has been exhibited.