The Artist

Ramon Lago, is a Cuban born intemationally known artist with over 39 years erperience as a professional artist. His works have been acquired b1t governments, museums, uniyersities, and private collectors throughout the world. Hr. Lago has been invited to exhibit in Germany, Holland, France, italy the Gzech Republic, lsrael, Russia, Spain, Australia, the Tiddle East Japan, South America, Canada and the United States.

Ramon attended the Art Students League in New York City at an early age and when his enthusiasm for sculpture became more clearly developed he studied under the tutelage of such renowned artists as Jose de Creft and Nathaniel KaE. He was the youngest exhibitor/member of the National Academy of Design.

During the late sixties, Mr. Lago traveled with Andy Warhol and the “Happenings” – the exploding plastic show which received widespread popular and critical acctaim and he atso worked under Rube Goldberg.

Before settling in Miami, Mr. Lago enjoyed a successful career in Pennsylvania, where his many years working in sculpture allowed him to develop a truly unique skill of bringing his subject to life thus allowing the viewer to connect emotionally to the soul of the piece.

With over 50 pieces on perrnanent exhibit in public spaces, and hundreds more in private collections, Mr. Lago enjoys notoriety as a
hands-on artist from start to finish. His well-known dedication to each and every commission ensures that every finished piece is made to perfection.

Mr. Lago is the recipient of the Roman Bronze Award in Sculpture and The Cintas Foundation Award from the lnstitute for international Education.